Many Factors to Blame for the Tragedy in Parkland

By Kenneth Strange, Jr. – Alum Guest Writer Kenneth Strange graduated from Thunderbird in 1987. He has served the FBI as a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark, New Jersey and as Special Agent in Charge of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General in Los Angeles. He is presently the […]

Inside the FBI: A T-Bird’s Journey with the G-Men

As I cleared the final security checkpoint into what is best described as a modern fortress, I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I was holding. The Phoenix Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an impressive sight, every bit as daunting and solemn as its media equivalents. I collected my badge, forfeited […]

Negotiations, Trust, and Hostages

By Christine Moore & Deepali Ramaiah Last weekend, Thunderbird played host to the guests from around the world for the inaugural Global Summit on Negotiations & Trust. The event was well attended by professionals, students, and T-birds who learned how to sharpen their negotiation skills by building trust within the negotiation process. The summit, meant to place emphasis on […]