San Francisco: Tips and Tricks

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor A few weekends ago I took a four-day trip to the charming city of San Francisco with my two roommates, one of whom lived in SF for several years before moving to Phoenix. The city is full of fun things like trendy foods (think sushirritos- a sushi burrito), glute-burning hills, colorful […]

Cadillac Desert Revisited

By Jake Strickler, Staff Writer While driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas, something becomes clear: the farther you get from major population centers, the extremity of the desolation is severe. This is not atypical of the American West. There’s a lot of space in these parts, and those who live in the region cluster around […]

Get Out of Glendale: The Book Lover’s Guide to Phoenix

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor My love affair with literature started before I can even remember. I learned to read at a young age, but even before then I was obsessed with books and being read to. (My parents love telling the story of how I memorized the entire Green Eggs and Ham book when I […]

Get Out of Glendale: Heard Museum Fashion Show

By Lauren Herber, Co-Editor On Friday, February 1, Thunderbird’s Business of Fashion Club had its first event: a trip downtown to see the Native American Fashion Show at the Heard Museum. The event coincided perfectly with First Friday, a cultural event on Roosevelt Street in downtown Phoenix in which local art vendors set up along […]

Pesticides, Get Out of Glendale: The Organic Food Movement

By Lauren Herber, Co-editor Yesterday was the third annual celebration of the Uptown Phoenix Farmers Market. Though I’m not typically much of an organic eater due to financial reasons, I figured I’d check out the festivities since they weren’t far from where I live and I generally don’t say no to midweek pick-me-ups. Upon arrival […]

ThunderCares Goes to the Japanese Friendship Garden

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Public service and volunteering is an essential task that should be expected from any self-respecting institution. Thunderbird is no exception. This past Saturday about forty Thunderbirds sacrificed one of their two precious weekend mornings for the betterment of the local area through the ThunderCares volunteering event. Five different groups were […]

Get Out of Glendale: San Diego

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer As someone who grew up in the Midwest and spent the last four years living in Boston, I never thought I’d find the weather in Phoenix to be cold. I’m not sure if my tolerance for cold has reduced drastically or if it has something to do with the desert […]

Parent Visits: A Survival Guide

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Having your parents come to visit can be a source of great comfort, especially in the midst of school-related stress. However, having visitors of any kind can potentially add stress and pressure to our already busy lives. With graduation and the inevitable influx of visiting family members less than a month […]

Get Out of Glendale: Phoenix Farmers’ Markets

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Farmers’ markets are a trend that has been growing in popularity around the country. Within the past couple of years, curiosity about what goes into the foods that we consume (and the often terrifying answers) has grown, leading to an increased awareness about the chemicals and hormones that we’ve been […]

Get Out of Glendale: Frida Kahlo Exhibit

By Lauren Herber, Staff Writer Frida Kahlo has long been an artist that I admire. Her paintings are raw and poignant, and many of them showcase a side of humanity that is painful but universal. Her work puts into color the feelings associated with isolation and loneliness, and her penchant for self-portraits emphasizes the importance […]