Company and Cuisine: The Social Phenomenon of Brunch

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer Over this past spring break, I had the unique opportunity to travel to San Diego with a fellow Das Tor writer and attend a new food festival: specifically, a one-day convention devoted to brunch, called BrunchCon. Food festivals are no new concept, of course, and in recent years, classic and […]

Alumni Spotlight: Thunderbird for ‘Goodful’

By Rick Beitman, Guest Writer Thunderbird draws people with myriad career aspirations, be they government, corporate, nonprofit, NGO, or entrepreneurship. However, one unifying factor among many T-Birds is an altruistic desire to do good in the world. Entrepreneur and Thunderbird alum Danielle Rinderknecht, class of 2014, is no exception to that rule, as she strives to […]

Those Who Do It Different: Coopedota Coffee

By Chris Barton, staff writer In the Mountains of central Costa Rica, high above the San Jose and sometimes even above the clouds, lies the Dota Valley. The valley is shallow, its sides alternating between gently sloping, bucolic fields and steep, dense forest. The people who live in Dota look upon the valley from all […]

Ceviche: A Dish with Many Personalities

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief Last month I traveled to Sonora, Mexico for Labor Day weekend. One of the members of my cohort, Tomás Thomas (MAGAM ’17, Mexico), brought a group of T-birds from Phoenix and showed us his home town of Guaymas. The weekend was truly an escape to paradise, filled with moonlit midnight swims […]

The Gastronomy Boom of Peru

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer There is a one-week food fair that brings together more than 450,000 people from different parts of the world to taste the traditional dishes from every region. At the fair is a farmer that sowed and harvested potatoes, corn, and yucca and who now can export his produce to different […]

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner… in Argentina

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in Jesus Maria, Argentina in 38 Simple Steps 1. Decide early on that Thanksgiving would be a cool way to share your culture with your Argentine family and friends. 2. Procrastinate until Thanksgiving day is only a week away. 3. Realize that there are only […]

Harvest Festivals in the East

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer Makar Sankranti, also known as the kite-flying festival is celebrated on January 15th of every year and is one of the most popular winter harvest festivals celebrated across India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Many Indians believe that the Sun ends its southward journey at the Tropic of Capricorn (known as […]

Global Cuisine: Causa Limeña

By Emma Livingston, Co-Editor This recipe, and the story behind it, was related to me by our Peruvian classmate, Jorge Cespedes (MBA ’16, Peru). I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed eating the Causa. During the War of the Pacific (1879-1883), when Peru lost its southernmost province of Tarapacá to Chile, […]

Global Cuisine: Glendale Sushi Edition

By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Warning: Moderate to severe sarcasm included I have never lived in a land-locked state, so getting access to fresh seafood was never an issue for me. Before moving to Arizona, while it is odd and definitely unimportant, I was really concerned I was not going to find good sushi in Glendale. […]

Arizona State Fair

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer A crowd filled with excitement. Colorful lighting and decorations. Nervous screams from the rides. Children asking their parents to win them stuffed toys. Parents desperately trying to win the biggest prize to make their children happy. Aroma of freshly cooked meat and funnel cakes. Groups of laughing friends. This is […]