Choosing the Lesser Evil?

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer The “lesser evil” principle explains the dilemma when faced with two alternatives that results in a non-common-good goal. In this situation, the criteria for selecting from two unpleasant options proposed is that it is ethical to choose the option that you believe will yield more positive outcomes. In other words, the one […]

The Deplorables, Me, and Bobby McGee; Pt. 1: From A-Bomb to AuH20

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief “Whenever I feel bad, I go to the library and read controversial periodicals. Though I do not know whether I am a liberal or a conservative, I am nevertheless enlivened by the hatred which one bears the other. In fact, this hatred strikes me as one of the few signs of […]

Donald Trump: A Weak Candidate and a Poor Choice

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer This weekend the New York Times published two editorials: one endorsing Hillary Clinton for president and the other rejecting Donald Trump. On Monday, September 26th both candidates had the chance to debate on policy issues and personality traits. Most polls position Clinton as the winner. As a political scientist, my […]