The Burgeoning Privatized Space Race

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor On August 2, 1955, the 20th century celestial competition now colloquially referred to as the Space Race officially kicked off when the Soviet Union responded to a U.S. announcement, made four days earlier, in which the superpower spelled out its intention to launch artificial satellites into orbit. The Soviets’ reply came […]

T-birds witness Curiosity land

It was August 5, 2012 and a historical event was about to take place. It was the day when the automated robotic rover ‘Curiosity’ was about to land on the surface of Mars. Sixteen lucky students including Christine Jung ,Shreyas Gore ,Levi Boscardin ,Arvind Deshmukh ,Kevin Jennings ,Sergio Majul Salazar,Thanet Dharmikavongs ,Van Tran ,Juan Calfunanco […]