The Morning After and the Road Ahead

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer Many Americans went to bed feeling sad and woke up feeling scared after the so-called Trump Shock. Many Americans were quiet and grieving the morning after. A sound reality check had shaken the entire political intelligentsia in our country and the wold. The unbelievable came true and many Americans were […]

Choosing the Lesser Evil?

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer The “lesser evil” principle explains the dilemma when faced with two alternatives that results in a non-common-good goal. In this situation, the criteria for selecting from two unpleasant options proposed is that it is ethical to choose the option that you believe will yield more positive outcomes. In other words, the one […]

Thunderbird in a Divided World: A Statement from the Das Tor Staff

In order to emphasize the importance of the results of Tuesday’s Presidential election, the editorial staff of Das Tor has decided to forego our usual publishing schedule in lieu of two pieces outlining the paper’s stance on Mr. Trump’s political intentions and their potential impact on the Thunderbird community. We also hope to initiate a […]

U.S. Forever: A Note for Our Next President

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer September 11, 2001 will always be a sad day in human history. This is the day when America was hit by extremism in our most cherished symbols of freedom: the Pentagon, which represents our military that defends and promotes our national interest, and the World Trade Center in New York, […]

The Duty of Our Generation: A Dialogue of Civilizations

By Julio Espinoza, Staff Writer On Wednesday, August 31, U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump traveled to Mexico City to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico in a move that analysts are still trying to decipher.  Perhaps both Peña Nieto and Trump were trying to scratch each others’ backs, with the former trying to […]