During these difficult and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to be united as Thunderbirds. In an initiative to build community, strengthen student mental health, and remind each other of our shared identity as Thunderbirds, Das Tor is expanding its Voices of Thunderbird series to include a new initiative inspired by PBS’s American Portrait. In our version, Thunderbird Portrait, Das Tor is collecting short stories written by Thunderbirds about an item of personal significance that they brought or will bring with them to Thunderbird. Every week, we will be updating this page to include new stories shared by students and other members of the Thunderbird community. To submit your story, click here.

By bringing together the Thunderbird community to contribute to Thunderbird Portrait, Das Tor hopes to help forge strong bonds among students and the wider Thunderbird community even during the era of COVID-19.

Honi Olmedo

Dominic Frattura

David Lugo Robles

Jagan Pandari

Amalia Rizberg

Lilian Taruvinga

Kanwaljit (Rosy) Kaur

Jacob Wagner

Tuqa Hameed

Takashi Aoki

Pallavi Mishra

Jennifer Juliao

Mingyu (Billy) Bi

Jake Taylor

Jaquelin Alonso Martinez

Maria Fabiola Portillo

John Hopkins

Alicia Dominguez

Rachel Cheng

Brian J. Cervantes Acosta

Aishwarya Baalaji Rao

Roland Kesselly

Eya Yatouji

Radwa Abdel-Barry

Frank Martinez

Clara Adistya

June Lau Fei Wen

Mijail Zegalo

Emelia Otoo

Christina Furst

Lexa Montierth

Jenn Calaway

Robson Correa da Silva

Clarisse Machanguana

Shalaika Lewis

Andrea Awuah

Sonia Elizondo

Antonio Brunel Couttolenc

Tracy Tenkorang

Gianluca Moldovan

Keziah Ampadu-Siaw

Sophie Dessart

Leilani Viscaina Day

Grace Acheampong

Terri Baker

Erica Ingram

Kelly Alvarez

Cheikh Thiam

Megan Shovlin