Podcast: “Listening to the Quietest Voice in the Room”

dudley476As a leader, BP Group CEO Bob Dudley ‘79 spends most of his time listening. “Many leadership problems can be traced to poor communication,” he said Nov. 10, 2011, during the opening keynote at the inaugural Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue in Glendale, Arizona. “In BP we talk about listening to the quietest voice in the room.” He said BP managers must train themselves to pick up “weak signals” that come from people reluctant to shout when they have something important to say. “We must listen to people on the front lines,” said Dudley, who provided a behind-the-scenes look at BP’s response to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Download the full podcast here from Thunderbird School of Global Management. | Podcast: Leading in Times of Crisis (47:09)

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