Don’t go green

Courtesy: Janani Balu
Courtesy: Janani Balu

On a calm peaceful day, who could have thought that wanting for a sumptuous meal is such a crime? There are so many things that could have been different on that eventful day. The evening was cool and we three musketeers decided to go for dinner and Walmart in a rental car. We strongly feel that a weekend is never complete without a trip to Walmart. We first went to the restaurant and I really don’t know what the waitress there has against me, she always brings my food late. That day was no exception. Good food, especially of your native cuisine, can get you high though! We were driving back with Porthos behind the wheel, Aramis in the back seat with food boxes and me in the passenger seat. Lights went green at the junction of 59th avenue and Bell Road and we trailed behind a SUV to make a left turn. Aramis shouted, “@#$!” and I turned. Bam! A black car hit us. Blank (I later figured that the car had spun 180 degrees before coming to a halt). I open my eyes gasping for breath. Surprised that I was still alive, I checked for injuries and guess what – not even a scratch! Failing to open my door (I still haven’t realize the impact), I got out of the other side only to find Aramis drowned in chicken curry. Silently giggling, I slowly walked around the car and praised the Almighty! The car was like a paper that you crumple when you are not able to write something worthwhile. While clearing things with the cops, two senior T-birds spotted us and took us (including our chicken drenched Aramis) in their car back to the school. Looking back at Walmart, I regretted forgetting it before the fateful turn. On entering into the room, Aramis’s roommate asked him, “Where is my chicken curry?”

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