Diwali delight

Diwali_DiyaDiwali is the ‘festival of lights’ celebrated in India. It generally falls during the end of October or early November and portrays victory of good over evil. It is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. In the northern part of the country, people light earth lamps besides playing cards, while in the southern parts, it is celebrated with sweets and bursting crackers.

T-birds celebrated it yesterday at the TEC and it was a small gathering with roughly 70 – 80 people. It was a delight to see students in vivid colored Indian traditional clothes, with gentle men wearing Kurta and pretty women clad in saris. The event started with prayers offered to Lord Ganesh, the traditional Indian god. Authentic Indian food was served and they hit the dance floor with peppy Bollywood numbers. Traditional dresses, food, dance – it was more like another Asian regional night, except that the crowd was of smaller size.

The highlight of the event was the poker tournament. As a part of the event, the guests played poker, betting with Indian Rupees. Some of them did not know the rules of the game and it was all the more fun to watch!

Shelley Flenniken felt that it was an opportunity to experience a celebration that is very important to many of her classmates in addition to the fun.  She said, “One thing that I thought would have been nice was if there was some more information on the significance of Diwali.  But I really enjoyed having some of those conversations with several friends on what Diwali means to them.”  Sidarth, an Indian, said, “It was a night when the light truly won over the darkness. The light decorations were great and the prayer was performed in a traditional manner. The food was delicious and as it is with the Indian custom, there was plenty for everyone! A fun and frolic Diwali night!”

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