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Courtesy: My Thunderbird
Courtesy: My Thunderbird

Hello T-Birds!

Check your watches please, because it is FINALS O’CLOCK! YAY!! One more week until complete freedom. And as we know, in business school, freedom is defined as Career Search time.

This past week brought some exciting times for TSG, beginning with the first ever CMC Forum dedicated to international students that took place on Tuesday. Special thanks to Guy Groff for collaborating with our Special Projects Chair and our Student Affairs Chair to put this event together. Secondly, our TSG meetings are now themed! The first week was Case Competition Themed, the second was Academics themed, and this Friday’s meeting will be Career themed in order to get PDW started. Please contact TSG if you can think of any themes that you feel would add more value to the student experience.

Another exciting development is, thanks to our amazing Marketing Chair, we have a Pinterest poster board. You can access this via the TSG Facebook page. In addition, our Marketing Chair is currently working with our Alumni Relations Chair to come up with an exciting alternative for the easels outside the commons used for club marketing. If everything goes well, this could revolutionize the way that Club Marketing is done at Thunderbird.

The Super First Tuesday Event went fantastic as over 100 people were there, experiencing the true value of being a Thunderbird. Finally, thanks to our wonderful Community Outreach Chair, all the Thundercares Projects are now set up!

This next point is important for club leaders: our Special Project Chair, Anuj Mody, and our Treasurer, Cece Cao, are working diligently on restructuring the Club Balances to make a more efficient use of the money. Please contact them if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this. Contact info: Anuj Mody:, Cece Cao:

Now for the important part, here are our upcoming events:

WHAT: A chance to display your amazing artistic ability by competing for the design of this year’s Thundercares t-shirts. This is very similar to the Foundations Cohort Tshirt contest, except hundreds of people are going to wear these
WHEN: All designs are due by End of Day March 14th (THAT’S THIS FRIDAY!)
CONTACT: Submit all designs to Alejandra Fernandez (

WHAT: Official presentation of JnJ’s check to TSG for their initiatives with Thundercares and collaboration with Thunderbird for Good. All the parties involved will be there and it would be great to have your support as they get presented with the prestigious prize.
WHEN: 1:30 PM, March 14th (THIS FRIDAY)
WHERE: Commons

WHAT: TSG Meeting focused around career development that will help you get a running start for Career Development Week.
WHEN: 12:30 PM, March 14th (THIS FRIDAY)
WHERE: Commons

Now, it is time to study for FORAD. Wish me luck!
-Santiago Peralta, TSG Vice-President

Courtesy: Santiago Peralta
Courtesy: Santiago Peralta

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