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From the Desk of the TSG President

Courtesy: Nikhil Purwaha
Courtesy: Nikhil Purwaha

Hello T-Birds!!

What an amazing week this has been. So many events happening all around the campus and such great energy among the student body. Here is my recap of everything TSG related on campus in the past week.

Tuesday brought around the First Tuesday that took place at our very own Thunderbird Pub. Attended by almost 40 alumni, the Pub was buzzing with great interactions of students and alumni. A special mention to Tiago Ferraz, Alumni Relations Chair, for working so hard to setup this event. I am sure that those who attended this event had a great time networking with everyone.

Second, on Friday after the public TSG meeting, we had another student forum in which we spoke about the impact on the student experience because of the recent events post the HLC decision. The session was led by Michael Reardon, Academic Affairs Chair; Pia Oestlien, Special Projects Chair, and Barbara Noseda, Second Tri Representative. There was a very healthy discussion and we identified some key areas where we need to work strongly along with the faculty to ensure that the T-bird experience remains as unique as possible. The session went on for close to 2 hours and one thing that the students agreed unanimously was the need to show to the positive side that Thunderbird has to offer. A student team led by Andrew Ariaga, Honor Council President, will be working on creating the videos that students can use to share and spread everything that is unique about Thunderbird to the world. In case anyone is interested in joining this team, please do let us know.

Third, on Saturday, Tbirds Thundercared!!!  9 organizations, 10 projects and over 140 students. We definitely ThunderCare!! With close to 400 hours of man hours spent on various projects, Thunderbirds volunteered with a smile and definitely help make a significant difference to the local community. A big thank you to everyone who came and volunteered. You guys are awesome.

Finally, the TSG hosted a first of its kind event yesterday evening, Thunderbird Entrepreneur Challenge. This, by far, has been one of the most unique events that has been ever setup by the TSG. Tom Yu, Marketing and Communication Chair, and Fiona Teerlink, Events Chair, came up with the concept of this event last trimester. It was a very well thought out event and this trimester they have executed the event well. The event went on all night long and I followed it from the videos that were being posted regularly on the Facebook page. All I can say, that this event has been amazing and big thank you to all the members who participated in the event.

With that, it’s a wrap from my side. My weekend here started with the Asian Culture party and now it’s Holi time!! Hope I see you all there.

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