Know your TSG Representatives, Part II

By: Alina Buzgar, News Editor

Das Tor welcomes the new team of Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) Student Representatives for Spring 2015. Thank you for your commitment to the T-Bird community and thank you for your service.

Jayadeep Tanikonda

Jayadeep Tanikonda, Representative of Community Outreach & Module Abroad As the module abroad representative, I will be the face of TSG in this trimester’s module abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic. I will ensure that any concerns among students will be brought to the notice of the TSG leadership team. As the community outreach representative, I will be assisting Community Outreach Chair in hosting community service events. You can contact me at:

Nikita Kothari

Nikita Kothari, Representative of Alumni Relations  Nikita Kothari is the 2nd Trimester Representative for Alumni Relations, she will be assisting in providing a means of communication between the student body and the Alumni Relations Office. If you have any queries or suggestions with regards to the Alumni events feel free to reach out to her at:

Mingyuan Chu

Myla Chu, Representative of Academic Affairs for MS As Academic Affairs Rep for the MS student body, Myla will work as liaison between students and school staff and professors. If you have any problems with academic issues, feel free to reach out at:

CandiceCandice Sparkes, Representative of Student Activities & Academic Affairs As 2nd Trimester Representative for Student Activities & Academic Affairs she will aid in the successful organization and execution of various campus events as well as help solve any issues relating to academics. Please feel free to contact her if you have any issues, questions, comments, concerns or just want to share your ideas on what can be done to improve the overall experience during the Spring Trimester.


Abdul Ghani Popal, Representative of Student Activities  The Student Activities Representative is a member of the team responsible for organizing student clubs, coordinating student activities, enhancing cooperation among student clubs and organizations, and strengthening the link between Thunderbird Student Government with student-led clubs and organizations. His e-mail:

Darren Watkins CERNDarren Watkins, Sustainability Representative I have a strong background in sustainability and am eager to use what I have learned to benefit all of us in the Thunderbird community.  From my days as a child sorting recycling with my parents, to founding the environmental club during undergrad and creating resource management plans while in the Peace Corps, I have sought out sustainable solutions to persistent problems. My role with TSG is to integrate sustainability into each and every Thunderbird activity and respond to the desire of my classmates to make Thunderbird the greenest institution under the ASU umbrella.  I am personally available to meet whenever necessary to discuss how to make this happen and I encourage creative solutions developed by the students. I witnessed the sustainability culture develop in my hometown of Portland, Oregon and in West Africa, and I am confident we can achieve the same success on campus.


Ruturaj Patil – Events Planning & Facilities/Tech rep Ruturaj Patil is a 2nd trimester representative for Events Planning and Facilities & Securities. He will be acting as a bridge between the two chairs to ensure that the events are well organized and they meet the student body’s expectations. He will also be assisting with both the chairs to enhance the student’s experience regarding facilities provided along with ensuring multicultural engagement/participation during the regional nights. You can reach out to him with questions and concerns at:

What is TSG? The Thunderbird Student Government (TSG) is an entity established by the students to work for the students. Our main goal is to enhance the STUDENTS’ EXPERIENCES by: representing the students’ voice to the stakeholders of the school, serving the students’ needs, organizing and providing funds for students’ Clubs’ activities. Through TSG, student needs and concerns are addressed, and solutions are found. In addition, TSG is the primary funding agent for student activities on campus and student requested speakers! TSG is comprised of both elected and appointed positions.

Click here to find out more about TSG or visit them on Facebook.

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