Summer TEM Lab Destinations: Myanmar and Colombia

by Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief The two TEM Lab teams this summer are heading to Myanmar and Colombia. The seven participating students submitted comprehensive applications in April in order to compete for the coveted consultant positions. Once selected, departure preparations to get all the logistics ready in time were soon followed by the teams’ research on […]

Farewell T-bird Financial Aid Advisors. Hello ASU.

by Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief We have valued the contribution of our Financial Aid office staff for decades. Sometimes we took it for granted and sometimes we expressed our gratitude; all in all, there are many generations of T-birds who relied on their help, support, and expertise to make it through Thunderbird… financially speaking. Thunderbird is […]

Incredible India Welcome

by Kyle Morgan, Guest Writer Last night I was flying down a barely paved road in Southern India at speeds that would make most people faint especially when you think of the quality of roads we were on.  I was with three friends that I had recently met, with maybe thirty words of common language […]

Incredible India Wedding

by Kyle Morgan, Guest Writer (continued…) The highlight of my trip to India was being apart of the wedding of Dr. Megha & Dr. Madhukesh, Sunil’s sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law.  When Sunil had first invited me to the wedding, I expected to be the outsider looking in, watching everything but not really participating […]

DELL Welcomes T-birds

by Tom Yu, Guest Writer I’m originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and moved here to the states when I was in middle school. Since I’m 25 year-old, I’ve pretty much lived half of my life in Taiwan and the other half in the US, specifically Arizona. In a way, I’m used to the heat and slowness […]

Coffee Shops and Conference Calls

Coffee Shops and Conference Calls: How I keep breaking my own rules by Arian Shirakhoon, Guest Writer As an MBA student where many of my colleagues are international, conference calls are inevitable. Most of the time I practice proper call etiquette: mute my microphone when I’m not talking, put my headphones in, and sit in […]

Around the World in Six Summer Interns

by Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief Congratulations to our fellow students who are currently spending their summer interning with companies around the world. Here are a few of them! You can find their stories posted on the CMC Facebook page as well. Look out for more articles about their stories right here at DasTor.   Keith Blincoe […]

What Are You Doing With Your Summer?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Summertime is when T-Birds migrate across the US and around the globe to put what they’ve learned in class into practice, or to take a break from hectic class schedules and enjoy some needed downtime. I asked 13 Thunderbird students these questions: Where are you and what are you doing […]

Pop Quiz! What Can You See Out Your Window?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer   Can you match what the T-Bird can see out their window this summer with the correct T-Bird? 1) “The busy Ventura Blvd Avenue, which is a major business avenue.” 2) “I can see a play school with cute little kids running around and playing.” 3) “In the middle of […]

Motorcycle Adventures in the South of France

Nice to Fondue: A Preamble to Adventure by David J. Roman, Guest Writer It was back: that wheedling pressure somewhere above the heart and between the temples. They call it wanderlust, being footloose, having incurable curiosity. Well, I had it. Again. Perched pensively, slightly dazed, on the top bunk, I stared blankly out the rain-stained […]