Pop Quiz! What Can You See Out Your Window?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer


Can you match what the T-Bird can see out their window this summer with the correct T-Bird?

1) “The busy Ventura Blvd Avenue, which is a major business avenue.”

photo courtesy of www.panoramio.com
photo courtesy of www.panoramio.com

2) “I can see a play school with cute little kids running around and playing.”


3) “In the middle of the green field behind my place there is a chubby ground hog and a wild grey rabbit. There are some cans of beer around them. They look like they are drinking and discussing what Oscar Wilde would tell to Moses about the 10th Commandment.”

groundhog and rabbit
photo courtesy of flickr.com

4) “I can see…buildings, the subway, and restaurants.”

new york subway
photo courtesy of markkolier.wordpress.com

5) “My office is half a block away from the FDIC.  I live a mile from the Pentagon. Every day I see a very clean subway system full of Pentagon officials in army fatigues and men and women in suits.”

photo courtesy of  harpers.org
photo courtesy of harpers.org

6) “Outside my window I can see a green backyard with strawberry and tomato plants. Past that is a small section of woods which makes it all green and beautiful.

Neetika's Backyard

7) “I can see all of the green trees on the mountainside (it smells woodsy – like pine, and so fresh since it rained yesterday) and if I go out onto the patio, I have a view of the crystal blue lake with the mountains just beyond it. In fact, I can’t wait to go to the beach this afternoon!”

Lake Tahoe

8) “Enjoying watching sunshine and cactus.”

photo courtesy of Emma Livingston
photo courtesy of Emma Livingston

9) “Outside my window is nothing exciting, it’s the same apartment I’ve been in since last summer. But the beautiful Arizona sunset is always nice.”

Photo courtesy of Emma Livingston
Photo courtesy of Emma Livingston

10) “I stay in the lovely neighborhood of Chevy Chase and my window is overlooking Rock Creek Park.”

photo courtesy of  eyesoffaithdc.com
photo courtesy of eyesoffaithdc.com

11) “I’m not near any window, I have my own cubicle, which is nicely decorated by my colleagues, a white board so I can put on things about Vietnam to share to others.”

SkyTouch Technology12) “Looking outside my windows, just high rising office buildings but the view is nice.”

ho chi minh city_213) “Outside my window I can see the empty lawns and walkways of Thunderbird, the School of Global Management with big dreams and too few people working to make them real. The echoes of what this place has been sounds loudly yet, and it is difficult to see how long the road is to prosperity once again. Regardless, I want to do my part, and intend to.”

Photo courtesy of bizjournals.com
Photo courtesy of bizjournals.com

a) Jasmine Pham – Phoenix Arizona

b) Leah Funk – Glendale, Arizona

c) David Roman – Glendale, Arizona

d) Yuya Ota – Glendale, Arizona

e) Pia Oestlien – Lake Tahoe, California

f) Raphael Rique – Las Angeles, California

g) Jorge Cespedes – Erie, Pennsylvania

h) Neetika Varma – Portland, Maine

i) Madiha Nasrullah – New York, New York

j) Sylvia Imbrock – Washington D.C.

k) Mohamed Vall – Washington D.C.

l) Kaladhar Rachabathuni  – Hyderabad, India

m) Vince Vu – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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