What Are You Doing With Your Summer?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Summertime is when T-Birds migrate across the US and around the globe to put what they’ve learned in class into practice, or to take a break from hectic class schedules and enjoy some needed downtime. I asked 13 Thunderbird students these questions: Where are you and what are you doing […]

Pop Quiz! What Can You See Out Your Window?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer   Can you match what the T-Bird can see out their window this summer with the correct T-Bird? 1) “The busy Ventura Blvd Avenue, which is a major business avenue.” 2) “I can see a play school with cute little kids running around and playing.” 3) “In the middle of […]

T-Bird on the River

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Summer break is upon us, and though I’ve learned so much at Thunderbird, and though I thoroughly enjoyed my module abroad in Europe and the traveling I did afterwards, I realized, as I came back to my hometown of Denver and as May slipped into June, that I am no […]