A Journey Taken

By Aaron White, Guest Writer A couple of weeks ago a handful of OMGM’s embarked on a journey. One group went off to Lima and the other to Singapore. Unbeknownst to all of us, while our destinations were different, we were all going on the same trip, following the same path, which led to the […]

Thunder Camp Comes Back

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor Having had Aram Chavez teach one of her classes while she was a student, Arian Shirakhoon (MBA ’16) sought his mentorship as she figured out what her next step after graduation would be. She knew she had an entrepreneurial spirit, but she didn’t know quite where to put that energy. […]

What Are You Doing With Your Summer?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer Summertime is when T-Birds migrate across the US and around the globe to put what they’ve learned in class into practice, or to take a break from hectic class schedules and enjoy some needed downtime. I asked 13 Thunderbird students these questions: Where are you and what are you doing […]

Pop Quiz! What Can You See Out Your Window?

by Emma Livingston, Staff Writer   Can you match what the T-Bird can see out their window this summer with the correct T-Bird? 1) “The busy Ventura Blvd Avenue, which is a major business avenue.” 2) “I can see a play school with cute little kids running around and playing.” 3) “In the middle of […]

A Tale of Two Companies: FoxConn and SAP

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer FoxConn Technology Group and SAP SE: Two companies that seem to have very little in common aside from their association with the technology sector. FoxConn is largely a contract manufacturer that makes iPhones and iPads for Apple, computers for HP, Xbox One for Microsoft, the Play Station 4 for Microsoft, […]

Taking in the SUNSet

What do you call 70 T-birds under one roof? Fun? And if they’re taking the US Airways Center by storm? A riot of fun! What started out as a small gathering of T-birds taking in the Suns vs Rockets basketball game last Sunday, quickly ballooned into a bleacher full of cheering T-birds. From 20, the […]

StudentSpeak: Career Fairs

Information sessions, company visits, career fairs all over the country? And it’s job search time again! These signal the beginning of the MBA school year and reminds students to be proactive in looking for an internship or a full-time opportunity. ‘Tis the time to move closer to your dream job! The CMC does put in […]