The Start of the Next T-bird Legacy

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief When I accepted an offer to be part of the Spring 2018 graduating class at Thunderbird, I wasn’t quite sure how the end of my time here would look. I didn’t know about the relationships we would form, the inimitable place we would call home, the goals that we would […]

4 Ways To Stop Living in Reaction

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief “No matter how small you start, start something that matters.” – Brendon Burchard Coming from a once left-behind mining town in Montana, Brendon Burchard delivers his message of inspiration and leadership with an animated energy and wicked humor that’s uncharacteristic to his upbringing. Now a #1 New York Times Bestselling […]

Get Out of Glendale: Be in Bisbee

By Mary Richardson, Editor-in-Chief The boom-town flavor, the peculiarities, the mystery, the striking landscape. Bisbee, Arizona still has what made it the most cosmopolitan city of the 19th century West. Discovered under the unfortunate circumstances of U.S. army scouts tracking down defector Apaches, the mission came to a pause when one of the civilian trackers […]

Honor Council’s Forum for Reflection and Reform

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief Bad behavior from companies, politicians and celebrities fill the front page of our news. For those who haven’t completely disengaged from hearing or reading the most recent events, we’re bracing ourselves for which industry giant or hero will disappoint us with one wrongdoing or another today. Some current T-birds came […]

What T-birds Can Learn from the Australian Open

By Mary Richardson, Editor-in-Chief The Australian Open last week was both wild and routine. For some athletes, this tournament was a time to hit the re-set button and for others it was a call to enter the rebuilding years. Tense matches gave way to slam dunks, and expected performers had the rug pulled out from […]

24 Hours in Amsterdam

By Mary Richardson, Editor-in-Chief Amsterdam’s gabled buildings, grid-like canals, and candlelit cafés make it an attractive and increasingly popular European city to visit. However, the scenic cityscape holds more than just what can be seen. Though probably more known for its phenomenal nightlife and pioneering architecture and design, the Netherlands has produced a wealth of […]

The Places They Went: Recent Grads & Where They Are Now

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief Though we haven’t had the Fall 2017 Convocation ceremony yet, there’s already a feeling of nostalgia on campus. Soon-to-be grads grind away to finish up their classes and job searches while also practicing for Regional Night, organizing their last club events, and going out with fellow T-birds—moments that will soon […]

Top Halloween Costumes for T-birds

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief It’s crunch time for deciding on Halloween costumes to wear this weekend. Though all year your conversations have probably been peppered with “Oh, that would make a great Halloween costume!” somehow all memories of those characters, animals, people or objects have drifted away, and now you’re drawing a blank. Since […]

T-bird Summer Interns: Adventure and Advice

For some T-birds, summer meant relaxing with family and friends, catching up on neglected hobbies, or bopping around new cities. For others, it meant taking on the challenge of an internship, growing their network, and expanding their knowledge of an industry or organization—often in unexpected ways and situations. Find out where these top Thunderbird students […]

A Refinery Exploded, Bernie Came to Town & Here’s What That Means to Me

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor My dad had offered to make me a drink, the first one we would have together. It was summer in Richmond, California, and I had just turned 21 that spring. But as we sat on the porch overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed the new experience, I noticed a […]