Top Halloween Costumes for T-birds

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief

It’s crunch time for deciding on Halloween costumes to wear this weekend. Though all year your conversations have probably been peppered with “Oh, that would make a great Halloween costume!” somehow all memories of those characters, animals, people or objects have drifted away, and now you’re drawing a blank. Since we don’t want you to resign yourself to being Rosie the Riveter or a cowboy again, here are some relevant and accessible costume ideas that any T-bird can pull off.

Kim Possible

Courtesy of Costume Wall

Just like you, Kim Possible takes on fighting global issues on a regular basis while also coping with the everyday problems of being a student. At one moment, she’s navigating homework and exams, and the next she’s traveling around the world on a crime-fighting mission. It’s all about maintaining that healthy work-life balance that T-birds know all too well.

This outfit will be pretty accessible and shouldn’t require too much spending. Her most notable look is a black long-sleeved crop top, olive green cargo pants, and black gloves. Finally, bring the ensemble together with a utility belt.

If you’re leaning more toward the villainous side this year, Kim’s travels usually end up with an encounter with at least one of her notorious enemies. The heroine most frequently runs into Dr. Drakken, a mad scientist whose ultimate goal is world domination, and his dangerous partner Shego who has a knack for producing and emitting powerful energy blasts from her hands. If your memory is rusty and you want to check out other Kim Possible villains, there’s luckily a Which Kim Possible Villain Are You? quiz you can take. For reference, Das Tor Editor-in-Chief Chris Barton is Monkey Fist.

While exploring the tumultuous nature of Kim’s life, the show also has elements of adventure, drama, romance, and comedy—similar to Thunderbird!

Mad Men

Courtesy of AMC

From all the career fair and CMC events you’ve been to, you surely have the outfits to pull off a Mad Men look, sans misogyny. Like the characters, you’ve also worked exhausting, joyous days and have had to navigate the complicated world of business and office politics.

There’s a range of looks to choose here: Peggy Olson with her dimly-tinted sunglasses, dangling cigarette, box of office supplies, and here and there hangover; Betty Draper’s icy blonde hair, sundresses, cold glances, and emotionally unavailable demeanor; and Joan Harris’ redhaired up-dos, gem-toned dresses, and casual feminine bullying.

A Don Draper outfit might seem to be easiest to imitate at first glance, but he has some more subtle details that situate his suits in terms of decade and class. The texture and weave of them are usually made from different colored threads that blend well enough for it to seem like one color. Any additional patterns are small and understated. Don’t forget a plain white pocket square and a double old-fashioned glass to tie the morally confused yet glamorously vintage look together.

While writer and director of the show Matthew Weiner stated, “Doing this show without smoking would’ve been a joke. It would’ve been sanitary and it would’ve been phony,” don’t feel obligated to carry around a cigarette all night. On set, the actors smoked herbal cigarettes which is a good alternative for those committed to their costume.

Also, if you happen to have them, some other details to add to a Mad Men outfit are shorter jackets, higher waistbands, fedoras, or tortoise shell glasses. Really take the opportunity to live out for one night the unvarying vanity and self-serving petulance of your favorite characters!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Courtesy of Digital Spy

For group costumes, this is the way for T-birds to go. The ‘90s animated environmentalist television show took on the task of educating viewers about how pollutants harm the world but also how people can work together to fight the destruction of it (rather than fighting each other).

The most dedication for the costume will come from the group member who chooses to be Captain Planet with all of his features representing different parts of the environment: a leaf-green mullet, light sea-blue skin, silt-brown eyes, fire-red accents, and a sun-yellow globe emblem on his chest. While Captain Planet’s outfit represents a colorful and diverse world, to you it might represent too much work. If that’s the case, it’s just as okay to assemble five Planeteers.

These characters from around the world help fight further environmental damage. There’s Kwame from Africa, Ma-Ti from South America, Linka from Eastern Europe, Gi from Asia, and Wheeler from North America. Their outfits will have a lot fewer steps. Each person will only need a solid-colored T-shirt that corresponds with that of their Planeteer, and on it either a painted or drawn and taped yellow circle with longitude and latitude lines. The characters also have either a chunky jacket or vest that will bring out that more rugged, North Face vibe.

Remember to yell, “The power is yours!” together throughout the night.

Guy Groff

By Mary Grace Richardson

The man of mystery who has launched more than a thousand careers, Mr. Groff is a certified career coach, professional facilitator, and Thunderbird celebrity. A leader of the CMC here, the Marine Corps veteran has also designed and implemented career management centers at Wake Forest University’s School of Business and Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business. With his signature mustache, glasses, and suit, this will be the hardest to emulate of all. Stop by the CMC to ask for his style tips or borrow a tie. (Oh, and also receive advice on preparing for that next interview).


Choose wisely, T-birds, and wherever you are, have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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