Thunderbird Website Gets a Makeover

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief

“It’s time for an update for the Thunderbird website” said Lupe Lagunas, Marketing Manager at Thunderbird. The reasons quoted by our marketing department include the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the school, the fact that the site has outdated information, is not mobile friendly, and its architecture is not user friendly. “We want to make updates and improvements that improve its functionality and the user experience. We want to make it easier to interact with Thunderbird and what it has to offer and the best way to do so is via the website. The website is also an important element of the Thunderbird brand and we want it to accurately reflect the quality of the school” she added. All current students are invited to provide their input before November 6th by completing this three-minute survey.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.25.15 AMJay Thorne, the Senior Director of Communications, is leading the effort and plans to roll out a brand new and improved website by the middle of next year. Currently, Thunderbird staff from enrollment and recruiting, Career Management Services, Executive Education, IT, ASU’s Marketing Hub and members of Thunderbird’s communications team are all working together. “This is a team effort — everyone at Thunderbird has a stake in the web site and we are seeking input from across campus and from alumni, as well. Our goal is to have something that functions efficiently, looks appealing, and helps us communicate with a wide variety of audiences from around the world” says Jay Thorne.

“Students are one of our main audiences as they navigate for information that will help them choose to the right school (Thunderbird, we hope) and learn about opportunities for engagement at the school. We are aware that our website can be improved to make it easier for prospective and current students to look for necessary information” said Lagunas. Feel free to provide additional feedback to Jay Thorne, Senior Director of Communications at

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