Welcome Back!

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back, Thunderbird!

Our team is humbled to be part of the Thunderbird legacy with the mandate to provide real, engaging, insightful and representative articles. We will continue to feature interviews with students, professors, and staff members, to cover events on and off campus and to spark conversations about what we experience around us. Becoming a place where people congregate, exchange thoughts, ideas and information was at the core of our efforts during Fall and it will continue to be at the center of our determination in the next few months. 

I welcome back an amazing team of writers: Emma Livingston, Lauren Herber, Jake Strickler, Nash Wills, Chaitra Somasundar, and Mak Gawade as well as Chandra Mouli Koduri working with IT. We invite you to join in the conversation! We would be delighted to publish guest writers’ articles and are planning to extend our team as the semester progresses.

We continue to publish each Thursday. See you back next week!


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