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By Lauren Herber, Co-editor

Two weeks ago when I attended this semester’s Club Day, I was thrilled by the clubs that I saw. Old clubs, new clubs, business clubs, culture clubs, sports clubs, you name it—we had them all. Club leaders enthusiastically spouted information about their clubs’ purposes and upcoming events, encouraging everyone to sign up for the email list and reminding everyone to allocate. But that unfortunately didn’t happen. Despite the myriad of clubs covering a variety of subjects and offering a whole range of fun and informative activities, some students just didn’t allocate. There was plenty of information on the subject—email reminders and Facebook posts from faculty and students alike—so the problem isn’t a lack of communication. It seems that what we’re facing right now at Thunderbird is a disconnect that goes deeper than we may have realized. It seems that we’re in danger of losing touch with our brand identity amidst the chaos of the merger.

The information and skills that we learn in our classes here at Thunderbird are invaluable. Our professors are spectacular. Our campus is kept meticulously beautiful. But what Thunderbird is really about—the Thunderbird mystique—is composed of much more than just classes and reading and homework. Don’t get me wrong—those things are immensely important. The value of those things can’t be overstated. But an equally important aspect of Thunderbird is the people. The culture. The relationships. And where do you find these intangibles? Sure, you can find them in the classroom—to a certain extent. But where you’re really going to make memories and capture that ever-elusive Thunderbird mystique is by engaging with your peers outside of the classroom. And conveniently, we’ve got numerous clubs on campus that want to give us the opportunity to do just that. But it’s up to us to show up. To participate, to collaborate, to engage. If this is reading like a call to action, that’s because it is.

I wanted to start this weekly “Mark Your Calendar” column so that all the club event information will be in one place. I get it, we are all busy. We have case studies and projects and reading, and we’re all on different schedules. But I’m hoping that with all the information available in one place, every week, we’ll be able to plan our busy schedules so that they include attending club events. What better way to strengthen our bonds than to play together, eat together, learn together, explore together? We can’t be passive at a time like this, a time so critical in maintaining the Thunderbird brand. No, a time like this calls for action.

Thursday, February 4

The Thunderbird Soccer Club will be playing a game at 8:30 PM at ASU West. Come out to play or just to cheer on your peers.

Friday, February 5

The Business of Fashion Club is holding its first event, a trip to downtown Phoenix to see a Native American fashion show. Carpooling from campus is being arranged for the trip. Don’t miss this chance to explore downtown Phoenix while learning about another culture. Plus, this Friday is First Friday! Stick around after the show to explore the food, art, and culture that Phoenix has to offer.

Photo courtesy

Saturday, February 6

The Thunderbird Rugby Club has a game on campus at 1. Come out and enjoy the beautiful weather while supporting your classmates! Plus, you don’t want to miss the infamous donning of the jorts after the game.



Photo courtesy Allison Skabrat
Photo courtesy Allison Skabrat

Monday, February 8

On Monday from 4:30-5:30 in Herberger Conference Room 236, the Women’s International Business Club and Business of Fashion Club are partnering up to present “Dress to Impress,” a lecture which will cover how women can dress professionally without sacrificing their personal style or femininity. Guest speaker is Maria Houle, Program Director for the Thunderbird SHARE Fellowship with previous experience at Esprit and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Wednesday, February 10

The Pub Trivia Club is hosting its first trivia night of the semester on Wednesday at 7 PM. Professor Rankine is guest hosting. Come out to the Pub for a midweek pick-me-up and the chance to win a special prize!

Photo courtesy Yan Ren
Photo courtesy Yan Ren

Thursday, February 11

Join the Greater China Club at 6:30 in the Commons to make dumplings and learn about the Chinese New Year celebration. The first 20 to arrive will receive red envelopes! Celebration at the Pub to follow (8 PM).



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