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TEM Lab Team
TEM Lab Team

After five weeks in Cluj, Romania the Spring 2016 TEM Lab team have returned from their consulting project with Megatitan, a metal parts and products manufacturer.

Diego Seldner (MBA, Mexico), Shivan Pereira (MBA, USA / Sri Lanka), Jayadeep Tanikonda (MBA, India) and Tion Barnabe (MBA, Jamaica) will be giving their final presentation to share their recommendations and learnings from their TEM Lab experience May 5th at 10am in Yount 100.

In the meantime, I asked the team a few questions to give us a taste of the adventure they’ve been enjoying in Romania:

What is the coolest thing you did in Romania?
Coolest thing we did was doing the castle tour with our client. We saw Bran, and Rasnov castles and Peles castle. Our blog “Exploring Transylvania” has a lot of details on that trip.

What is something you learned that you will take with you in your future career?

The biggest thing we learned is that it’s important to develop a relationship with whomever you work with. It’s pivotal for efficiency and maintaining ease of doing work.

What advice do you have for others who will go on a TEM Lab?
Flexibility will make your life easier.

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Find out more about the team’s adventures next Thursday in Yount 100.

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