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A New Season Is Here: Global Edition

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer

For it’s a long, long while from May to December

But the days grow short when you reach September

And the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

And I haven’t got time for the waiting game

Frank Sinatra – “September”

Autumn has arrived to Thunderbird Campus and across the states. We still have sunny days, but the wind has picked up speed and you can feel the changing of nature. The hot days are almost over, and sometimes there are even some rainy days that make you wish to keep an umbrella by your side. Now that the hot, dry weather has passed, the cooler mornings and evenings and fresh winds offer a welcome, comfortable change to the people of Arizona.

12_the-seasonsThe change of seasons varies from pole to pole. This is a result of the Earth’s spin around the sun and the axis of rotation. Therefore, there is always an indirect correlation between the seasons of the northern and southern hemispheres. This means, for example, that T-birds who live in Canada or here in the United States are about to experience the fall season, while T-birds in Argentina or Australia (countries that are located in the southern hemisphere) are on the verge of enjoying the arrival of spring.

For students who have experienced the sunniest and hottest days of summer in Arizona, this weather is perfect, as it is not quite so hot but is still sunny. The shift that is currently happening from summer to winter often inspires many people, especially T-birds, to travel abroad.

Meanwhile, countries in the southern hemisphere are approaching the spring season. Many of these countries typically have a tropical climate, and weather changes can vary greatly from one region to another. For example, the weather in Brazil can vary from north to south. The southern region, including cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, is slowly warming up to summer, while Salvador, which is in the northern area, is already experiencing warm weather.

Here at Thunderbird, we have the unique opportunity to learn what seasonal changes are like all around the world. “Summer starts in November, so I would say September is the perfect time to visit Brazil,” shared Natalia Cavalhier (MGM ’17, Brazil). As far as the northern hemisphere is concerned, one fantastic place to visit is India because this is the perfect time to enjoy the festivals that go on during these months. As the weather changes the different states are preparing for festivals such as the Navratri and the Durga Puja. “This is starting of winters in India,” said Partha Dey (MGM ’17, India). “There are some amazing fairs and festivals happening in the month of September in India. The number of tourists who visit India always increases during this time of the year.”

Other good place to visit during the change of seasons, particularly for people who live in Phoenix, is Flagstaff, which is located just 2 hours or 130 miles north of Phoenix. It is one of the largest ponderosa forests in the world, and this fall season is characterized by the different colors of its leaves, which are red, yellow or orange. It is a nice place to take some pictures, relax and meditate. You can also visit the Lowell astronomy observatory, where they host many events that allow people to see a clear sky full of stars.

Su Jo-An in Flagstaff. Photo courtesy: Yan Ren.
Su Jo-An in Flagstaff. Photo courtesy: Yan Ren.

“Flagstaff is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona year round! I love that every season is distinct. Whether it’s the windy spring, warm summer, colorful fall, or snowy winter, there’s always beautiful scenery in Flag,” said Mariah Alexander (MAGAM ’18, U.S.). “Flagstaff is the most wonderful get-away from the heat of Arizona,” agreed Su Jo-An (MAGAM ’18, Taiwan). “The change of seasons and the fresh air will make you feel like whatever you are worried about will be fine.”

The upcoming months provide us with some options to enjoy both the autumn and spring seasons and to do what T-birds do best: to travel around the world!

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