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Campus Tour and Information Session for Prospective Students

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 10th, Thunderbird had the first information session of the year for prospective students and guests. The purpose was to allow prospective and/or admitted students to check out the historical campus and to resolve any inquiries that they may have in order to apply to the Master’s programs. The session included a campus tour, individual breakout sessions led by each respective program’s academic director, student/alumni panels, and a networking session at the Thunderbird Pub.

Courtesy Cortney Easton

The fresh wind and sunshine were the first hints that this was going to be an extraordinary day. Everything was in place to receive the first tour group of prospective students. Thunderbird campus welomed more than 40 prospective students from different parts of the world. They came from places such as China, India, Mexico, Lebanon, Cuba and the United States. The targeted programs are the MAGAM, OMGM, MGM, EMGM for the next academic year (2017).

The individual breakout sessions were hosted by professors and academic directors: Dr. Denis Leclrec, Executive MGM; Dr. Lena Booth, Online MGM; Mary Sully de Luque and Dr. Glenn Fong, full-time on-campus MGM and MAGAM professors. The positive first impressions of the prospective students were shaped by the diversity of their business experiences and the variety of type of potential students (e.g. former veterans, foreign-national students, and many students who speak a second language). As Dr. Mary expressed: “It was both exciting and invigorating to be interacting with this potential group of students. There was a visceral enthusiasm amongst the current students and the potential students that I have not experienced in quite some time.”

Courtesy Cortney Easton

The campus tour and panels were led by a group of Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors (CAs), whose participation was essential to encourage the prospective students as well as to resolve their inquiries. This year the group of Campus Ambassadors was formed by 27 current students of the MGM and MAGAM programs. The CAs who participated in the panel session last Saturday were Jeremy Swanson, Alex Marino, Bahar Heravy, Shane Woodson, Nuno Muandumba and Bandar Tahlawi.

Sogol Homayoun, Assistant Director of Global Recruitment, also commented: “The info session was a success! The prospective students could not wait to apply, especially after attending the student /alumni panels! Thank you to all Campus Ambassadors for bringing your infectious energy to the event! We appreciate you!”

Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors is a student-led organization that works closely with the Recruiting and Admissions offices at Thunderbird. Being a CA means having the privilege and honor of representing the Thunderbird brand wherever you go. This is something that the newest CAs take very seriously. As Faduma-Dhool Mohamed, CA Leader, said: “The New Campus Ambassadors are one of the most dedicated groups of students I have ever worked with. We couldn’t have asked for a better representation of the school!”

A group of some of the 27 Campus Ambassadors 2016. Courtesy Cortney Easton

Furthermore, Shane Woodson, one of the newest CA Leaders, expressed: “The Campus Ambassador Program is something I knew I wanted to be a part of before I even came to Thunderbird. I love it. I came to a preview day a year ago and had the chance to talk with multiple CAs that shared their experience and passion with me about Thunderbird. The CAs are a vital part of representing the best of Thunderbird and helping grow the Thunderbird family to make a global impact.”

What was the feedback from the participants?

The general comments of the people who came to participate in the information session were marked by excitement and motivation to become potential T-birds:

Nathan Huntzinger (MGM ’17 prospective student): “Had it not been for this visit I would have waited at least another year and a half to apply. I have already started the application process!”

Matthew Meza (MGM ’17 prospective student): “The info session was great! I liked how there was the right amount of information given, and the length of the session was perfect!”

Marissa Nunez (OMGM ’17 prospective student): “I knew I wanted to apply to Thunderbird but after today, I know I have to apply!”

The next information session will take place on November 19, 2016. It will include the opportunity to participate in a sample class and the classic Regional Night cultural celebration. You don’t want to miss this fantastic event!

Thunderbird Campus Preview Day

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

To register click here

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