A Thundercast Throwback: Interviewing Oska Kambona Ang’ila

Launching Das Tor’s Thundercast podcast truly was a labor of love, and publishing our first episode took several years. Jesse Breffle (Class of 2019) was the first T-bird who thought of doing a Thunderbird podcast. He interviewed several of his fellow classmates during his time at Thunderbird. These audios were never published during Jesse’s time as a student. However, he was gracious enough to give Das Tor access to his interview files.

This Thundercast Throwback is the first in a series of interviews with students from the Class of 2019. In the first episode of the series, Jesse and Bryce Bower (Class of 2019 and former Das Tor Editor-in-Chief) interview fellow student Oska Kambona Ang’ila about his upbringing in Kenya and his path to Thunderbird.

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