A Thundercast Throwback: Interviewing Yully Purwono

Launching Das Tor’s Thundercast podcast truly was a labor of love, and publishing our first episode took several years. Jesse Breffle (Class of 2019) was the first T-bird who thought of doing a Thunderbird podcast. He interviewed several of his fellow classmates during his time at Thunderbird. These audios were never published during Jesse’s time as a student. However, he was gracious enough to give Das Tor access to his interview files.

This Thundercast Throwback is the third in a series of interviews with students from the Class of 2019. In this episode, Jesse and Bryce Bower (Class of 2019 and former Das Tor Editor-in-Chief) interview fellow student Yully Purwono.

Post graduation, Yully is working as a Client Relationship Director for Thunderbird Executive Education as well as managing the Thunderbird Jakarta Center of Excellence. His job entails promoting Thunderbird’s academic degrees, from undergraduate to graduate levels, and custom global leadership programs for executive education. Overall, his main focus is promoting Thunderbird in the Indonesian market and surrounding areas.

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