PABLO AIR: Spearheading Innovation in the Drone Industry

Gianluca Moldovan

Gianluca Moldovan

Guest Writer

The Global Challenge Lab (GCL) is an incredible opportunity for MGM graduate students to experience real-life, hands-on consultancy work for companies across the planet. Most of the students get to travel during their GCL. There are, however, projects which are just as fascinating within Phoenix compared to those abroad. For this Spring 2022, my team’s GCL project in Arizona is none other than PABLO AIR Co., Ltd.

PABLO AIR is a South Korean company, and their name represents a metaphor. As noted on their main website, “as if drawing on a white canvas, our company was named after Pablo Picasso with a vision of leading the global drone industry as we draw it.”  Founded in 2018, the young start-up’s vision is to enlarge drone service capabilities and distances through incredible 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as swarm flight. Using modernized expertise across Ground Control System (GCS), communication multiplexing, and Flight Control System technology, PABLO AIR successfully broke the record for the longest maritime flight in 2019 and 2020, covering a range of 57km and 80km, respectively. The company demonstrated that their system has tremendous stability and boosted drone delivery desirability across the commercial industry. As a consequence, their R&D is increasing, and many more demonstration projects are lining up to spread awareness of their innovations.

PABLO AIR’s mission is to drive unparalleled innovation in unmanned delivery and logistics systems. Their self-made platform, PABLO AIR Mobility Network (PAMNet), boasts a unique feature in software technology, incorporating unmanned mobility beyond drones and providing unmanned land, sea, and air delivery/logistics services in various operating environments, including smart cities. In fact, PAMNet won second place at the AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards.

Indeed, PABLO AIR’s international recognition knows no boundary. They are building remarkable partnerships around the globe, including with NASA, 7-Eleven, LG, KIA, and more recently, NUAIR in New York State. Now the young company is looking at the Phoenix Valley, where a plethora of business opportunities, potential partnerships, and developments are available. Imagine a food delivery drone service, similar to what UberEATS offers nowadays, or even medical supplies delivery services for the local elderly population. See here their YouTube video, showcasing how such a service would transpire. The prospects are numerous, and Phoenix is the perfect playground for advancing such kinds of value-adding solutions.

For the Thunderbird community, PABLO AIR is our special guest because the firm set up office here at Thunderbird School of Global Management’s downtown campus in June 2021. Surely, it goes without saying that PABLO AIR’s values align with Thunderbird’s. Both entities are at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As such, working together promotes even further our visions and missions.      

Even more, PABLO AIR’s smart systems allow them to design breathtaking art demonstrations in the skyline. As a special treat to our readers, I invite you to access this link and gaze upon the spectacle of lights in the night sky.

The future is now!

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