Freedom of Speech on Twitter

By Ka Hung Lee, Brian

By Ka Hung Lee, Brian

Staff Writer

Elon Musk has become the talk of the global village again by proposing a $44 billion cash acquisition of Twitter less than a week ago! As of now, the acquisition is still happening, and Elon continues to draw lots of attention by explaining his political views with a very interesting picture on this tweet:

I agree with him that the far left has gotten fairly out of control because of various reasons, and political narratives are changing rapidly across the globe with the development of social media. Apart from the above, it also shows that such a binary concept like bipartisanship no longer works smoothly. The political landscape in the U.S. has to be changed because of serious bureaucracy and the strong influence of political correctness. There should be more political parties with different political ideals in the Congress to represent people and provide alternatives for voters to choose the best civil servant to represent them! A multiparty political system should provide better solutions for the public and increase efficiency if it works out well. All in all, I have faith in Elon that Twitter will revive again and keep all his doubters’ mouths shut just like so many other times.


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