Net Impact: Defining B-Corp Certification

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer Are you interested in a career path connecting social change to profitable business ventures? If yes, then hopefully you’ve already begun exploring the world of social enterprises and the impact-driven missions that define their organizational charters while at the same time promoting social and environmental initiatives on a global scale. […]

Net Impact Prep: U.S. Energy Efficiency Legislation Promoting Social Enterpise

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer Who is responsible for our ecological footprint, how does new legislation impact your business, and why should you care? Energy efficiency legislation is pushing new products and innovative ideas to the marketplace to drive a global economic and psychological campaign to reduce environmental impact and increase consumer consciousness regarding sustainability. […]

TEM LAB in Tanzania

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer All Photos courtesy of Neha Bandekar Last week, we welcomed home some traveling T-Birds who had embarked on challenging business adventures in Romania, Senegal, and Tanzania. The Tem Lab teams all represented Thunderbird with the vigor, enthusiasm, and professionalism that makes this institution a globally notable brand. I caught up […]

Madagascar Adventures: Building Sustainable Relationships in a Consulting Project

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer For those of you considering a TEM Lab, GCL project, or consulting-style internship as part of your Thunderbird experience (I highly encourage you to do so), I’d like to share some step-by-step relationship building and discovery phase tactics we used in Madagascar to gain our client’s trust, identify and access […]

Adventures in Madagascar Continued…

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer ISALO The Madagascar landscape from North to South goes through a geographical transformation as the highlands flatten into open savannas of tall golden brush, deep red earth, and jagged rock formations. Ancient baobab trees aged one-thousand plus years protrude into the open sky as a formidable natural icon.  After another […]

Cuban Aesthetics Under Socialism Part II

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer Don’t miss Part I of this article, posted on Das Tor here. How do we differentiate utilitarian value from aesthetic worth? The appeal to cultural sensitivities and subconscious desires that draws individuals into an institutionalized objective reality links this case study to Peter Berger’s theory, but the Cuban case is […]

The Introvert-Extrovert Ideal

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s that I stay with problems longer.” –Albert Einstein It’s a common misconception that the most productive, effective, innovative, and guiding individuals are outgoing extroverts who can walk into a room full of people and engage in fifty conversations with strangers while drawing stimulating […]

Cuban Aesthetics Under Socialism: Part 1

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer In 1959, Fidel Castro’s communist party took control of the Cuban government and initiated a revolutionary movement that would define Cuba’s socio-political and socio-economic status for an indeterminable period. The Revolutionary Era contains many components worth analyzing, but for the purposes of this study I will focus on the fluctuations […]

KIVA: A New Approach to Sustainable Development

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer “Dreams are universal; opportunity is not”. Poverty alleviation is a fundamental aim for global leaders operating within the Net Impact affiliated sectors (NGO’s, Social Enterprise, Non-Profits), and a key aim of the Millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals. However, throwing money at situations without proper screening and/or direction fails time […]

World MBA Tour

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer If you haven’t made your way into the Herberger building since Foundations, you may be unfamiliar with its internal operations. Venturing through three glass doors, down the narrow corridor, and into the back offices is housed the Global Recruitment Operations Center (GROC). The GROC, guided by several fearless recruitment administrators, […]