The Failure of American Public Education

Courtesy of The Atlantic

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief There have been several times in my life where I’ve thought why didn’t I learn this in school? I’ve often had this thought in regards to life skills like personal finance; why did it take going to college to learn key tips for managing money when many high schoolers could immensely […]

The Direct Listing and the Future of Going Public

Courtesy of The Motley Fool

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief Last year digital music platform Spotify went public in a bold, unconventional way. The company filed its IPO through direct listing rather than through the traditional method of using financial experts to underwrite the IPO. The move set a precedent for future tech firms, with the media crediting Spotify for “reinventing […]

Mental Health, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll: Substance Abuse in The Music Industry

Courtesy of Digital Music News

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief Early deaths among prominent musicians are nothing new; the very foundation of the music scene is peppered with drug use, overdoses and suicides. In recent years, mental health has come to be a much less taboo topic, one more acceptable for open discussion. With a heightened public awareness of mental illness, […]

The Consequences of Government Shutdowns

Courtesy of FOX 29

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief 2019 kicked off to a rough start with the U.S. government shutting down for the longest time in history, spanning a total of 35 days from December through January. As of this writing, the government has reopened, but on a temporary deal, which will expire on February 15. At that time […]

5 Humbling Facts About Outer Space

Courtesy of NASA

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief “Home” is most commonly defined in micro terms, whether it refers to a house, city, state or even country. We rarely think about our home being the entire planet, or even our planet’s home in the solar system. But in the enormous vacuum of space, a house on Earth is quite […]

Falling in Love With Florence

Courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Written By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief Several years ago, I arrived in Florence on the heels of a life-changing experience, having visited the town in which my ancestors lived, and where several of my extended family members still currently reside. My dad had accompanied me, and was now seeing me off to Florence, where I would […]

Focus on the Knowns

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief The end of the semester is typically a time of high stress. Between final exams and group projects, extracurricular activities wrapping up, and the looming promise of the holidays, students end up juggling their various commitments. When anxiety seems threateningly overwhelming, finding a way to pull through can greatly impact the […]

In the Spirit of Seoul

Courtesy of Kuoni

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief When I decided to go on the Summerim in Asia this past summer, I immediately knew that I wanted to travel to Japan before the program started. Shanghai and Singapore (the cities the Summerim included) were interesting enough, but I had felt a pull to Japanese culture, fashion and cuisine since […]

What Does It Take to Have Executive Presence?

Courtesy of Anne Miller

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief A few weeks ago, a fellow T-bird told me about an experience they had at a career conference. At the conference this T-bird interviewed with a very successful, well-known company. At the conclusion of the interview, the company employee conducting it informed this person that they weren’t “loud enough” and lacked […]

Trapped Under The Glass

Courtesy of Nate Hallinan

By Amanda Cardini, Editor-in-Chief It was a warm day in Arizona, despite the fact that October had already arrived. The dirt road I was winding down was deserted, not a human or animal in sight. It may have seemed ominous if it wasn’t for how brightly the sun shone that day. My destination was out […]