DasTor : We are Hiring…!!!

Das Tor, the student newspaper at Thunderbird School of Global Management was founded by Bob Morabito in 1969. Das Tor is produced by students for students. Until Fall 2011, Das Tor was in print form. Since then Das Tor is published online. According to our founding Editor – “Das Tor means more than simply the traversing of borders; it […]

Seasons of Giving: Project Artemis

By, Rick Beitman   While ‘Giving Tuesday’, which occurred on December 2, may be over, the season of giving is just beginning. One of the ways Thunderbird School of Global Management gives back is through Project Artemis. – Project Artemis makes an indelible difference in the lives of Afghan women who in turn reshape their […]

Bye, Alisha!

By, Rick Beitman   Fall 2014 has been a trimester of changes with one of the most recent occurring the day before Thanksgiving. Wednesday, November 26, was the last day at Thunderbird School of Global Management for Alisha Bach, Housing Coordinator, as she makes a career change. – While it is good that Bach is […]

Business Opportunity? Somebody says “Internet of Things” – Part 1

By, Krunal Barabde An Entrepreneur is generally an agent who introduces innovation in the system in the form of a product or a service, in order to create value for its target audience and for the company itself. Therefore, these agents deliberately try to keep track of “The Next Big Thing” to gain the early […]

Thunderbird: Creating Sustainable Prosperity

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” Terri Swearingen   Recycling benefits the environment by diverting waste away from landfills and by providing raw materials for new products. What is the Council on Sustainability? The Council on Sustainability is a newly formed student […]

Grammar Grief: Common Idioms and Phrases

By, Jessica Knutzon It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. This idiom is used when something is simple, easy or effortless. If situation is a guaranteed success it is also appropriate to use this idiom. It’s a catch-22. This phrase comes from a classic American novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. This phrase, according to […]

The “Sun Bird” Tradeoff: An ASU Merger Update

By, Rick Beitman In the ongoing saga that is the Thunderbird and ASU merger, the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the accrediting body for both institutions, has approved the linkup. In a November 24 e-mail, Thunderbird President Dr. Penley and ASU Deputy Provost Dr. Mark Searle informed students of the integration of Thunderbird School of […]

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Lab – Past, Present, and Future

By, Jessica Knutzon “The one thing I want more than anything else is the opportunity to use what they [the students] are learning in class, apply it, and to change their lives,” Professor Michael Finney shares as he leans back in his chair. The Thunderbird Mystique, which Finney describes as “a special mix of isolation […]