Make Bicycle Oil At Home!

By Sanghita Dey, Staff Writer Bicycle is still one of the important modes of transport in the villages of east and north eastern India. Bihar, a state in the eastern part of India, is the largest consumer of bicycles in the country. Being native to Bihar and a member of a bicycle trading and manufacturing […]

Follow your passion. Win the Race. Be a T-Bird.

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor On April 10, Scott Ridout (MSGM ’15, U.S.) won the 2015 El Tour Criterium State Championships in the category 4 race. Somewhere between the long hours at school he made time to follow his passion for cycling, so we sat down with him to learn more. When did you […]

Successful Initiative Report: ThunderBikes

By, Alina Buzgar Can you can get from campus to Safeway or Walmart in five minutes without using a car or spending any money? Yes, you can! Use a ThunderBike.   Bike sharing programs were started in Europe in the mid 2000’s and by 2013 became a global phenomenon growing to an estimated half a […]