Self-Discipline. The Most Valuable Trait

By Tomiwa Adeyemo, Staff Writer.  There are three words I’m certain we’ve all said or thought before. Three words that have kept us up all night, words that we usually end up regretting the next morning and cause us to think to ourselves: “What the hell was I thinking last night?” Those words? “One more […]

Hedonic Adaptation: Why Netflix Should Limit Binge-Watching

By Nate Stickney On February 14, 2014, Netflix released the second season of the hit television program “House of Cards.”  By the end of the weekend, roughly 2% of the Netflix subscribers on U.S. broadband networks had finished all 13 episodes, with similar numbers in Europe. [1]  This “binging” phenomenon isn’t new, with 50,000 subscribers […]