Winter in Machu Picchu

By Kate Stout We arrived in Aguas Calientes at 9pm on a rainy Saturday night, four T-Birds on a packed train from Ollantaytambo, in anticipation of seeing Machu Picchu early the next morning.  It was the middle of the Peruvian Independence Day holiday weekend and Aguas Calientes was overflowing with tourists from all corners of […]

Weekly Update for 6/15/14

Hello Thunderbird Community, This update is a bit lengthy, but there is a lot of important information today, so please be sure to take a read! Our hearts go out to Reynolds High School and Seattle Pacific University, both institutions dealing with the aftermath of on-campus shootings in the last week.  This scenario has become […]

TEM Lab in Tunisia: T-Birds Open Doors

by Nate Stickney We arrived in Tunisia not knowing a single one of its 10 million residents, but within hours we were already astonished at how small the world truly is. On Day 1 we met with a Thunderbird graduate who has lived and worked here for several decades.  On Day 2 day we met […]

ARO and ACT Welcome New Alumni

As the May 2014 graduates move out of Thunderbird, they also graduated into the world’s No. 1 global network of 42,000 T-birds in 140 countries–the world’s No. 1 business school network.  The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) and the Alumni Council of Thunderbird (ACT)  encourage graduates to stay connected with fellow T-birds and engaged with the […]

Student Spotlight: Piyush Chandra

In our final student spotlight this term, we asked one of our first trimester MBA students, Piyush Chandra, to share a little about himself and what he carries in his messenger bag. What is your home country? India Where did you earn your undergraduate degree and what was your major? University of Delhi, New Delhi, […]

Final Caption Contest Winner

The winner of this week’s final caption contest winner is Thomas Carpenter for his caption: The group poses with their new clothes from the popular fashion store, ‘Turban Outfitters’.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest this term!

Student Spotlight: Ann Yifan Wong

This week, we asked one of our first trimester MBA students, Ann Yifan Wong, to share a little about herself and what she carries in her backpack. What kind of bag do you carry? I would love to carry different style of bags to fit my different life style everyday. For instance, canvas messenger bags […]

Meet & Greet: An evening with the Executive MBAs

Last weekend, Thunderbird Executive MBAs and Full-time MBAs had the opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and just get to know each other.  It was a great evening of good conversation and meeting new friends, organized by Anthony Dezilva, EMBA class of ’15 and Jennifer Eagar, MBA class of ’14.    This was the first time an event was […]

Caption Contest Winner

This week’s caption contest winner is Thomas Carpenter who had the most Facebook votes for his caption submission: “Sadly, Nate’s hearing is going. When Nikhil asks him to tell a new joke, he starts telling “Anuj joke.” Look for our last contest posting this trimester on our Facebook page for your chance to win a $15 gift card […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Hot Air Ballooning

I am part of a flock of T-Birds that live off campus at The Lodge at Arrowhead.  Wednesday morning around 5:30am, I awoke to a noise other than the typical sound of my dog, Roosevelt, barking at birds.  In the field next to the apartment complex, hot air balloons were being launched.  As I watched […]