Meet & Greet: An evening with the Executive MBAs

Courtesy: Kate Stout

Last weekend, Thunderbird Executive MBAs and Full-time MBAs had the opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and just get to know each other.  It was a great evening of good conversation and meeting new friends, organized by Anthony Dezilva, EMBA class of ’15 and Jennifer Eagar, MBA class of ’14.    This was the first time an event was organized to connect Executive MBAs and Full-Time MBAs.  The idea came from the EMBA cohort during their first week on campus.  When Anthony and Jennifer got to talking at the Pub one night, they realized what a great opportunity it was to unify all of the Thunderbird MBAs and decided to make it happen.  They worked together to get approval for the official event and appetizers were provided by the EMBA class of ’15.  “Our goal is to make this a regular event that students can look forward to each trimester.  It just makes sense for us to know each other while we are on campus together,”  Jennifer said. “We were really excited by the turnout tonight and hope to build on the momentum for the Summer and Fall.”   There was a great turnout of new students, graduating students and local alumni, who stopped by to enjoy the T-Bird camaraderie.  “It’s more important than ever for the current students to come together as one.  We are all future alumni and we want to help bridge the current students with the incredible Thunderbird alumni network,” Anthony noted.

Thaedra Brondum, MBA ’15 had a great time getting to talk to some of the EMBA students. “While I only got a chance to talk to a few EMBAs, all of them had very interesting things to say. Not only about their jobs or companies but also about the EMBA program as well as the opportunities they have,” Thaedra said.

Jennifer and Anthony are already working with the administration to arrange for the event to be held each trimester.  Anthony said, “We pulled tonight together very quickly and we know that the next event will be even bigger.  We are looking forward to getting to know all of our T-Bird family.”


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