Thunderhiking Builds Bonds between Students, Faculty and Staff

By: Marissa Burkett, Audio/Visual Editor Thunderhiking was born out of a desperate situation. Emma Livingston (MBA, 16’) and Xiaoshi (Shawn) Quan (MA, 15’) conceived of the notion after making the drive to Tucson to hike but encountered rain instead. The pair turned the unfortunate weather into an opportunity. Over omelets, Thunderhiking was born. “A lot […]

When you build a bridge on campus it has to be ‘GLOBAL’

By, Alina Buzgar If you happened to walk pass the campus pavilion on Friday evening October 3rd you would have immediately noticed a cheerful crowd swapping stories, drinking wine and enjoying delicious Indian delights. “Building Global Bridges” brought together Executive MBA (EMBAs) and full-time students and was organized through the collaboration between Women’s International Club […]

Meet & Greet: An evening with the Executive MBAs

Last weekend, Thunderbird Executive MBAs and Full-time MBAs had the opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and just get to know each other.  It was a great evening of good conversation and meeting new friends, organized by Anthony Dezilva, EMBA class of ’15 and Jennifer Eagar, MBA class of ’14.    This was the first time an event was […]

Executive MBA 20th Anniversary Reunion

This is the 20th anniversary of Thunderbird’s Executive MBA program, which was last year was ranked No. 3 in the world for “Best Executive MBA Programs” by The Wall Street Journal. It’s time for the Executive MIM/MBA alumni to reconnect at 11-12-11, the day after our tower celebration!  They will back to campus for a […]