When you build a bridge on campus it has to be ‘GLOBAL’

By, Alina Buzgar

If you happened to walk pass the campus pavilion on Friday evening October 3rd you would have immediately noticed a cheerful crowd swapping stories, drinking wine and enjoying delicious Indian delights.

“Building Global Bridges” brought together Executive MBA (EMBAs) and full-time students and was organized through the collaboration between Women’s International Club (WI) and the Indian Subcontinent Club (ISCC).

The event represents a milestone and will certainly soon be replicated so that other informal networking opportunities will take place on campus. The interaction between the two groups will surely bear fruits on both short and long term for all participants.

EMBAs were looking for personal and professional insights into the Indian culture. This would prove very useful during their upcoming Thunderbird Global Experience – TGE trip to Delhi and Bangalore (India). The full-time MBA students who are originally from India or who have previously worked in India addressed the EMBAs with their questions and concerns. They also provided valuable suggestions about travel and sightseeing and also answered business etiquette queries. EMBAs “feel more prepared and even more motivated to participate in the program and visit India” (says a participant).

The full-time students on the other hand welcomed the opportunity to network with a diverse group of accomplished professionals outside the confinement of career fairs or job interviews. The relationships forged are sure to last for a long time and would be a valuable addition to their experience at Thunderbird by “creating potential mentorship and advising opportunities and insight into career development” says Dahida Veda.

The speakers started the night by welcoming the guests and wishing them a good time. Professor Mary F. Sully De Luque provided an amazing support and contributed greatly to the success of the event. She opened the floor for discussions and encouraged the groups to get to know each other and start the conversation about the upcoming trip to India. Later, Dahida Vega (WI President) and Rahul Narang (ISCC President) thanked the guests for attending the event and reiterated the importance of such opportunities for EMBAs and students. They pointed out that: “sometimes recruiters do not give enough attention to the international students […] so they do not have a chance to build [as many] professional relationships” during their time at Thunderbird. Both were very pleased with the good turnout of people to the event and were grateful for the support they received to spearhead this unique initiative.

A special ‘Thanks’ to the EMBAs and Professor Mary F. Sully De Luque who was instrumental for the success of the gathering and acts as a trailblazer for others.

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