Global Compliance at ON Semiconductor

By Jiaqi Li, Guest Writer This summer I interned for the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program (CCEP) at ON Semiconductor headquarters in Phoenix. I chose to study at Thunderbird because I wanted to work for a global company that has world-class products and services, that values innovation, and where I could help to promote multicultural […]

Stocks Weren’t Made For a Complex World: A Response to Andy Kessler

By Chris Barton, Editor-in-Chief There exists on the internet a short opinion piece called “Stocks Weren’t Made for Social Climbing.” It was written by someone named Andy Kessler, a feisty hedge-fund manager who felt the need to issue a decree, establishing once and for all that socially responsible investing is stupid. I happen to disagree […]

Finding Home Abroad

by: Sophia Gao ’11 I don’t know if other people share the same feeling: When I went abroad, I found I had a better understanding of my home country, China. After one and a half years in America, my thoughts about China have changed a lot, and I have even redefined my personal goals because […]