The Bard: A Fabulous Entrepreneur Who Died 400 Years Ago

By Jorge Céspedes, Guest Writer People naturally think of Shakespeare as an artist and a playwright, but he was also a pretty good business man. In 1599 he built the largest open air amphitheater in London: The Globe Theater. He knew his market, he knew how to cater to that market, he made true real […]

I Am A #Tbird: Thunderbird Entrepreneur Challenge

By Tom Yu, ’14 Last weekend, many of us enjoyed a nice long break after working hard during ThunderCares. However, there were a group of T-Birds whose day had just begun. When I started at Thunderbird, I wasn’t sure who I was and what I was going to do with my journey here. I defined […]

Faculty Column: Entrepreneurs (Corporate Entrepreneurs) are Important

By Professor Robert Hisrich Being an entrepreneur and creating value by establishing a new organization plays an important role in profit and non-profit organizations, in medicine, religion, science, the arts, and in the growth and prosperity of regions and nations. Large-scale outcomes in each of these areas can have quite humble beginnings: the entrepreneurial opportunity […]

Become a Leadapreneur

By Jessica Macias My name is Jessica Macias and I graduated from Thunderbird in May 2013. I’ve always pursued the entrepreneurial path, and after my MBA graduation, my path did not differ. I went on to expand my London-based business, Adepicos Ltd., to South East Asia with my partner. Adepicos is a leadership transformation consultancy […]

The Value of a Business Plan

By Robert Hisrich There is an entirely different view held by most concerning the value of a business plan than was expressed in a recent presentation by a guest speaker. This speaker indicated you are better just discussing your business or business idea even with potential investors. While the most frequent reason for developing a […]

Faculty Column: Rediscovering the value of patient family ownership

By Ernesto Poza What do Hallmark Cards, Grupo Bimbo and Cemex (Mexico), Hermès (France), Ferragamo (Italy), BMW (Germany), LG Electronics (Korea), Reliance Industries (India), and Zara (Spain) have in common? For one thing, they are all family-owned or family-controlled businesses. Companies with proud entrepreneurial traditions that confound management experts by continuing to enjoy success after […]