Thunderbird, Casablanca and 75 Years Gone

By Michael H. Moffett, Associate Professor and Continental Grain Professor in Finance at Thunderbird I love old movies. Not sure why, maybe a misspent youth, maybe a desire for what I perceived as simpler times gone by, whatever. But one movie has always represented Thunderbird over all others in my mind: Casablanca. 75 years ago this month, […]

The Rejuvenating Power of

By Chris Barton, Co-Editor It’s your 7th hour sitting in the same chair, staring at your computer screen. One case study ago, you sat down, dreading the night ahead. 4 cups of coffee ago, you finished the writeup (hopefully in some approximation of proper English), sent it off, and opened up the study guide for […]

Movie Review – “The Look of Silence”

By Jake Stickler, Staff Writer In September of 1965, an attempted coup against the Indonesian government sparked a mass outcry among the population directed at the country’s Communist Party, named by the government as the likely perpetrators. This outcry soon turned violent, and over the next year, an extremely brutal purge of suspected communists and […]

#SXSW, #Brands

Hearing the news of Lady Gaga being vomited upon by a ‘vomit painter’ during her live show at SXSW this year, you can’t help but ponder the notion that South By Southwest, the ten days of music, film, and interactive mayhem that descends upon ‘too-cool’ Austin each year, maybe has changed a bit. In 1987, […]

Spotlight on a Student – Avreeayl “Ave” Womack-O’Neil

By Kelly Swanson I met Avreeayl the first day of our class in Glendale. We have been friends ever since. From my perspective Ave as we call him, is an incredible person with a deep since of family values. The motto “Family first, then everything else” seems to be a creed with Ave. When traveling […]

Jack Selby, Former SVP of PayPal and Film Producer, Speaks to T-Birds

Jack Selby recently spoke to Thunderbird students in a continuation of Thunderbird’s commitment to bringing noted guests to campus.  As a former senior vice president of PayPal, managing director at Clarium Capital, and current film producer, Mr. Selby had much to impart on us students. As he didn’t prepare a formal presentation per sé, Mr. […]