Get Out of Glendale: Grand Canyon

By Youfeng (Gloria) Pan, Staff Writer As fall break is approaching, have you decided where to go for exploration and relaxation? Just three hours away, lies the frequently-visited Grand Canyon! Located in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is a natural beauty that attracts millions of people every year. It is a breathtaking wonder that Mother Nature […]

The Sun Also Rises: T-Birds Road Trip to the Grand Canyon

By Faduma-Dhool Mohamed, Guest Writer “I always hear alumni talking about amazing experiences they had while here at Thunderbird. I had spent a few days wondering why I hadn’t had any yet, and realized that sometimes you need to make your own! So at 2:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, we got in my car […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Skunk Creek Trail

A friend recently sent me a link to a Ted Talk from Alain de Botton entitled “A kinder, gentler philosophy of success.”  Whether or not you agree with Mr. De Botton’s philosophy’s on life and perspective of success,  in this particular talk, Mr. De Botton identifies nature as an example of what we seek out […]