Madagascar Adventures: Building Sustainable Relationships in a Consulting Project

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer For those of you considering a TEM Lab, GCL project, or consulting-style internship as part of your Thunderbird experience (I highly encourage you to do so), I’d like to share some step-by-step relationship building and discovery phase tactics we used in Madagascar to gain our client’s trust, identify and access […]

Adventures in Madagascar Continued…

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer ISALO The Madagascar landscape from North to South goes through a geographical transformation as the highlands flatten into open savannas of tall golden brush, deep red earth, and jagged rock formations. Ancient baobab trees aged one-thousand plus years protrude into the open sky as a formidable natural icon.  After another […]

Exploring Madagascar’s West Coast

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor In our fast-paced, modern, 21st-century world, it’s easy to forget that proverbial paradises still exist. Places that have seemingly remained untouched by technology, and where life moves along at a pace so slow that you might just find yourself believing that time really is just an illusion after all. Madagascar’s southwestern […]

Culture Shock: An American in Madagascar

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor Over this past summer, Alex Marino (MA 17’), Melissa Gaylord (MA 17’), and myself all went to Madagascar for an internship. For Melissa, she was returning home. For Alex and myself, the experience was entirely new and was destined to change the way we would come to look at the world. During […]

T-Birds in Madagascar

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor; Alex Marino, Staff Writer; and Melissa Gaylord-Ratsimbazafy, Guest Writer If you haven’t figured it out yet, the true value of being a T-bird is access to a network of unique opportunities that place you in a position to let your ambitions and passions run wild. In this authentically misfit style, T-bird […]

It’s Good to Be Home

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor There are a few common phrases that are said so often by T-birds, that, as a new student, you might start to think of them as clichés or stereotypes. One of them goes something like this: “No matter how long I’ve been away, or how much has changed since I’ve been […]