Adapt or Die: Adaptations, Reboots, and Retellings

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer   When the teaser trailer for the Wrinkle in Time movie first appeared on my social media feed, I frantically scrolled down to conceal it before any of the cast appeared on screen. I had missed the memo that there would be an adaptation of one of the books that […]

“Weiner:” An Overlooked Gem

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief I’m trying to go light this week because I’ve been churning out all these multi-thousand-word screeds against Donald Trump that are, frankly, exhausting.  And paying too much attention to his actions is starting to make me feel like Martin Sheen at the beginning of Apocalypse Now: bloodied, in despair, caged, and, every […]

War Dogs and the Anti-Global Mindset

By Jake Strickler, Editor-in-Chief Director and screenwriter Todd Phillips has built a career – along with something of a cottage industry – at the furthest extremes of debauchery and depravity. Mr. Phillips’ first film, made while he was still a student at NYU, is a documentary about a now-deceased punk rock singer known for physically […]