Student Spotlight: Monica Belz-Thomas

By Kelly Swanson We are kicking off our On Demand student highlight series with one of the most amazing up-and-coming females on the planet. She is the lovely and always graceful Monica Belz-Thomas. When she is not rock climbing, surfing the biggest waves, spearfishing, night diving, free diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and kayaking, she is […]

Capturing Moments

“Can I have apicture of me, looking at the sea with the mountain on the other side as background? It is important that light falls on me from my right side” – a girl asked her photographer-friend. After thinking hard and strategically positioning her, he clicks a ‘profile picture’. She looks at the photo for […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… I’m Back!

By Kelly Swanson Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kelly Swanson. Yes that’s right. My controversy is back for a really great show. I have my bruises, but I can hang with any crowd. So many things have gone right and wrong since I was away for the summer.  I don’t have to […]