Securing an Internship as an International Student: My Experience with Badger Maps

By Paula Chiamulera Böhler, Guest Writer The search for internships and jobs in general is an arduous task for any young professional, but an even harder one for international students such as myself and many of my peers at Thunderbird. Nonresident aliens (yes, that is the technical name given to foreigners under U.S. law) that […]

Life Lessons During a Summer in Tokyo

By Paul George Smith Jr., Guest Writer This past summer I had an internship with GMO Research, a great company that is a part of the GMO Internet Group in Tokyo, Japan. In this case, GMO means “Global Media Online,” although many people mistakenly think that GMO is short for “Genetically Modified Organisms” (we work […]

Lions and Hippos and Opportunity, Oh My!

By Torie Klocko, Guest Writer While I’m open to new experiences, as I’ve gotten older, I find myself becoming more discriminating in the risks I’m willing to take. At best, I like to think of myself as “quasi-adventurous.” In fact, before March, I never would have considered Sub-Saharan Africa as a realistic career option. The […]

T-bird Summer Interns: Adventure and Advice

For some T-birds, summer meant relaxing with family and friends, catching up on neglected hobbies, or bopping around new cities. For others, it meant taking on the challenge of an internship, growing their network, and expanding their knowledge of an industry or organization—often in unexpected ways and situations. Find out where these top Thunderbird students […]