The Importance of Having a Schedule

By Gillian Reid, Staff Writer As most people know, I am a little bit on the super-organized, hyper-efficient side. I’m the one who normally knows all the due dates and all of the readings for each week. (This is also because numbers stick in my head.) However, along with all of these traits that I […]

Is Multitasking an Effective Form of Time Management?

By Youfeng (Gloria) Pan, Staff Writer Have you ever got caught in a situation where you are listening to the lecture and writing an email? Are there times that you are talking to a friend on the phone and reading an article? Have you ever driven a car while listening to an audio book? Have […]

So You Want to Pull an All-Nighter?

A woman yawning at her desk.

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer  It’s late in the afternoon, or maybe early in the evening. You sit in the IBIC or at your own desk, with all of your devices and resources strewn across the workspace. The sun slowly starts to descend, casting an orange glow into the room, and you take stock of […]