Building inclusive leadership with Global Mindset

Beth Brooke knows what workplace exclusion looks like. When she accepted her first job at a major accounting firm in the 1980s, she learned within 48 hours that she would be expected — as a female employee — to provide inappropriate favors as a condition of career advancement. Instead of complying, she quit on the […]

My Experience at Thunderbird as an Afghan Media Manager

By Sherbahadar Himmat, Afghan Media Management Program Participant From September 11 – 16, a media management training workshop was executed at Thunderbird School of Global Management for the executive directors of radio and TV stations in Afghanistan, Eastern provinces. I was one of the participants who attended the workshop and would like to express my […]

Open forum: Clearinghouse of ideas

From its inception in 1969, Das Tor has represented “a clearinghouse of ideas” for Thunderbird students. This is your space to vent, pontificate or champion a cause. The rules are simple: No name calling, personal attacks, hate speech, profanity, obscenity or libel. When you disagree with your classmates, please do so respectfully. Otherwise, the podium […]

Marketing Lessons from An Experienced Beginner

Marketing professional and entrepreneur Carol Schuster ’83 has worked with major clients such as Coca-Cola, Dupont and DHL in a global career that has spanned more than 25 years. But she still describes herself as a beginner. “I try to look at everything I do as a beginner,” Schuster said Oct. 7, 2011, at Thunderbird […]

Unpaid internships: Worth considering

By Heather Kipnis ’11 This summer I worked in Managua, Nicaragua with Agora Partnerships, a nonprofit whose mission is to unleash the potential of high impact social entrepreneurs to fight poverty in Central America by providing small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) with strategy consulting, leadership development, networking, and access to growth capital. I decided early […]

Campaign strives to end abuses in the Congo

By Divya Gajria ’11 This summer I interned with As You Sow, a nonprofit based in San Francisco. Their project “Responsible Sourcing Network” is headed by Thunderbird alumna Patricia Jurewicz ’99. RSN is As You Sow’s first attempt to address human rights issues. At the moment they are working on two campaigns, one on cotton […]