Das Tor Poll: Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is an event based upon tradition, that has come to represent a cornucopia of rituals unique to every group. Some of these are cherished, some loathed. What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Forum rules: No name calling, personal attacks, hate speech, profanity, obscenity or libel. When you disagree with others, please do so respectfully. […]

Finding Home Abroad

by: Sophia Gao ’11 I don’t know if other people share the same feeling: When I went abroad, I found I had a better understanding of my home country, China. After one and a half years in America, my thoughts about China have changed a lot, and I have even redefined my personal goals because […]

The Equation for Africa’s Frontier Integration

by: Djoudie Etoundi Essomba ’12 The economic emergence of Africa has been so sudden that many observers still can’t wrap their heads around it. But you know something big is going on when the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey publish almost simultaneously studies tracking the continent’s growth; or when Wal-Mart and the Carlyle Group announce […]

Thunder Cricket: Alive, kicking and roaring!

By: Sidharth Madhav ’11 If you are a Thunderbird student, you most definitely would know at least one Indian on campus. That would mean you are aware of two things quintessentially Indian: Bollywood and Cricket. We got a dose of Bollywood during the last regional night. Let’s talk cricket, which as many would know, is […]

International Versus Global

Many people use “international” and “global” as interchangeable terms, but Thunderbird Professor Denis Leclerc, Ph.D., makes an important distinction. “Most international organizations have a center of gravity at corporate headquarters,” says Leclerc, who teaches in the Executive Certificate in Global Negotiations program through Thunderbird Online. “They might sell products around the world, but they truly […]

TMCA’s Clash of Consultants (CoC), Fall 2011

by: Jessica Macias Bochatay, Shadow Chair CMC at TMCA Do you have a passion for consulting and the determination to succeed? Do you need knowledge, skills and experiences to make a significant impact as a consultant? Are you trying to be an effective catalyst of consultancy at Thunderbird? These were some of the questions which […]

ThunderCares Day Photos

ThunderCares is an event put on every trimester where Thunderbird students, staff and faculty take time to volunteer in the local community. Another way to give back is through donating to the ThunderCares International Development Scholarship Fund. This scholarship supports Thunderbird students who complete unpaid international development internships. To donate or learn more, contact Susannah […]

Das Tor Poll: Spring Elections

The recent TSG elections have resulted in confusion and contention amongst the student body. What would you like to see addressed in upcoming Town Hall meetings, to hopefully clarify the situation? Discuss below! Forum rules: No name calling, personal attacks, hate speech, profanity, obscenity or libel. When you disagree with others, please do so respectfully. […]

The Games Club: A Profile

by Ben Neblock ’11 The Thunderbird Games Club was created by Sho Sato ’11 during the Fall of 2010 to both represent the industry and promote his personal interest. “I wanted to deal with a club that specialized in games or the game industry, to hopefully make connections with game companies. There was no such […]

Highlight CMC events

Employer coming to campus: FedEx Info Session Monday, Nov 28, 7:30-9:00pm, LH55. Students can RSVP in GlobalConnect by clicking Events then Info Sessions. Recent activities: 1. CMC are accepting applications for 3 new PCAs to begin work in January Have you been helping your classmates with résumés, interviews, or networking? Do you have strong knowledge […]