TEM Lab Opportunity: Spring TEM Lab project confirmed in Kenya

index1-2010TEM Lab has confirmed a project with Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd. (LGHL) in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru is Kenya’s “second city”. This is an operations management project. Lesiolo is expanding its business to accommodate new grain imports due to a relaxation of government restrictions. They need Thunderbird’s assistance to streamline their commodity import system and help develop a warehouse receipt system.

This project will take place in the first module of the Spring semester. The project synopsis is attached, please see the Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory page in MTB for more information and the project application. We have not set a deadline for applications because we are at a late date already. If you are interested, the application would be due ASAP. We will work with the registrar to adapt your Spring schedule to accommodate the Lab. Contact Charles Reeves with any questions: Charles.reeves@thunderbird.edu

Thunderbird Consulting Group Project Synopsis

Client Organization

Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd.


Streamlining of the commodity import system and warehouse receipt systems


Nakuru, Rift Valley Province, Kenya

Project Guidance and contact information:

Mr. Carl Tundo, Managing Director, Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd., carl@lesiolo-grain.co.ke, +254-73-468-3380

Kevin (GM?): +254-72-326-3312





The importance of grain handling and effective food management is highlighted by recent trends of increasing food prices and food shortages, especially in the developing world. Kenya in particular has been severely affected by these trends. The Government of Kenya recently eased their import policies to allow more grain products to be imported into the country in order to address this shortage. This will require effective and efficient management of these imports, largely by private companies in the country such as Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd.’s (LGHL) existence stems from the belief that the Kenyan market place demands both modern and efficient grain handling services. LGHL’s management believes that these demands are best served by private-sector entities like LGHL. LGHL provides a comprehensive solution for grain storage and related services. The LGHL facility offers drying, cleaning, fumigation and a host of other services aimed at allowing its customers the opportunity to realize the highest prices for their grain. Currently, LGHL handles all grades of maize, wheat and barley.


LGHL is undergoing a large corporate expansion with new technologies and processes.  The Thunderbird team is asked to help the organization do a soft landing for the new imported commodity products and ensure that LGHL has the business structure thereafter to support the growing business. Ensuring that the process is streamlined will help local farmers get the most of their harvest and develop the regional economy.


–       Streamline operations regarding commodity import loads

–       Streamline operations regarding the management of regional grain handling

–       Streamline and develop the Warehouse receipt system for farmers which allow farmers to access credit for grain stored. This gives them the capability of holding their crops and sell them when prices are favourable

–       Optional: SAP system incorporation with inventory levels and shipments

Special Considerations

– All deliverables mentioned are preliminary and will be subject to revision after initial project organizational meetings.

– Lesiolo Grain Handlers Ltd will provide access to necessary internal resources, financial estimates/statements, and guidance in the research process.

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